GeoVision’s new speed dome cuts install time by 1/3 How? Because we make it less tools to work with, and we make it lighter. The dome comes with the screws ready to slot in to its body. No additional screws required! Simply slot in and fasten. We also reduce its weight. It is now less than 3kg (6.4lb), 35% lighter than its predecessor, making it light and thus easy to install (especially when you have to install many!)
2MP at 60fps Picture a day’s activities of a modern city: Traffics, people walking to offices and buildings, even protests and marches. 2MP/1080P at 60fps (GV-SD2411) clearly captures activities in high resolution for review.
Water Resistant Cover Remains high visibility in raining days. It is designed with water resistant coating. No droplets in the way during bad weather.
220° Tilt Angle Wider angle to include more background information.
Light Weight 35% lighter than its predecessor, making it easy to install.
Smaller in Size 20% shorter in length than its predecessor. Easier to hold.
Wide Operation Range Withstand wide range of different outdoor condition, from Arctic to Desert.

About GeoVision GeoVision has over 15 years of experience creating surveillance systems that work. Our reputation for quality and professionalism speaks for itself; we offer the best value in standard and cloud-based surveillance systems combined with the support of our team of technical engineers to create a solution that suits your security monitoring needs.