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Frequently Asked Questions


The FAQ list answers the most common questions we receive. If you cannot find your questions here, you can contact us at




  1. What are the differences between GV-Cloud Camera and Webcam?
  2. What do I need to prepare in order to use myGVcloud? What devices can I use to access the videos?
  3. Are GV-Cloud Cameras easy to set up?
  4. Who will be able to access the videos of my GV-Cloud Camera?
  5. If someone breaks into my property, how will I be notified?
  6. Will my camera be able to see at night without lighting?
  7. How safe is cloud storage? Is my video secure on the cloud storage?
  8. If I need to completely delete a recording, how do I make sure a copy is not stored on the cloud storage somewhere?
  9. What do I do if I forgot my myGVcloud password?
  10. What is the PIR sensor on GV-HCW Cameras?
  11. Do GV-Cloud Cameras support wireless connection?
  12. How much bandwidth do GV-Cloud Cameras need?
  13. Do I need to insert a memory card?
  14. What types of SD cards are compatible with GV-Cloud Cameras?




  1. How long is the warranty for GV-Cloud Cameras?
  2. How many GV-Cloud Cameras can be registered to a myGVcloud account?
  3. Can multiple people log into the same myGVcloud account and simultaneously access camera image?
  4. What types of myGVcloud license plans are available?
  5. How do I unsubscribe from myGVcloud services?




  1. Can multiple myGVcloud accounts access the same GV-Cloud Camera?
  2. Why is there a delay when streaming live stream on YouTube?
  3. Can myGVcloud camera be connected to GeoVision VMS or NVR?
  4. Why can’t I download and install GeoVision plug-ins on camera Web interface when using IE?
  5. Can I download the videos stored in cloud storage?
  6. Can I play the videos saved in the micro SD card directly?
  7. How do I play back recordings of GV-Cloud cameras?
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