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GV-Edge Recording Manager

GV-Edge Recording Manager

GV-Edge Recording Manager (Windows) V1.2.0.0
Released date: 05/16/2016


  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for creating different layouts for hosts
  • Support for corridor-mode image display
  • Support for dual streaming of GV-Fisheye cameras
  • Support for 8 MP and 12 MP GV-IP Cameras
  • Support for H.265 codec
  • Support for triggering the output device of a host (GV-IP Camera / GV-Video Server, GV-DVR / NVR / VMS)
  • Support for QView Display which enables the projection of a live view display onto another monitor
  • Support for GV-VMS Heat Map analysis in the Live View and Remote Playback
  • Support for GV-SNVR and IP Camera’s video files stored at GV-NAS to apply the Defog, Stabilizer, Fisheye features in Remote Playback
  • New option to play back video with a designated speed in Remote Playback
  • Quick access to the Remote ViewLog Player once you have installed it
  • Integration with the Authentication Server to perform live view and playback of the devices under a specified GV-VMS or GV-System account
  • New function to add a hint in the login window reminding users of the password
  • Support for displaying channels from the trial version of GV-VMS


  • Failure to play back IP Camera’s videos stored at GV-NAS after changing the GV-IP Camera’s HTTP port
  • Dysfunction of PTZ control for the 100th preset point and higher
  • Dewarping failure in 2 MP fisheye camera
  • CPU usage abnormality when logging out of the Administrator
  • Failure to save position settings when users activated dual 180 degree mode in GV-FER12203 and GV-FE/FER3402
  • Problem in which unusable functions are not grayed out in the menu when users access IP Camera’s video files stored at GV-NAS
  • Inability to apply the main stream onto the big division when adding camera channels from the same host to the Live View screen with one big division and several small divisions
  • Audio issue in which audio fast-forwarded after 20 seconds of playing the files stored in GV-NAS


  • Auto Time Synchronization when the time of the cameras is erratically set prior to year 2000


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