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  • CMOS de barrido progresivo de 1/2.8"
  • 1080P Full HD a 30 fps y 720P a 60 fps
  • Zoon optical 20X y Zoom digital 12X
  • Compresión de video H.264 y MJPEG
  • Doble transmisión
  • Filtro IR extraible para función Día/Noche
  • 4 entradas digitales, 1 salida de relé
  • Ranura de tarjeta de memoria SD
  • Auto Foco
  • El amplio rango dinámico (WDR)
  • Compensación de luz de fondo
  • Reducción de ruidos de video
  • Margen de Panoramización Continua de 360 grados
  • Margen de Inclinación de 0 a 90 grados
  • Valor predeterminadode velocidad hasta 460° /seg
  • Movimientos PTZ ( Preconfiguración, Secuencia, Auto Panoramización, Cruise y Ronda)
  • Movimiento PTZ por programación de horario
  • Calibración PTZ de manera automática o manual
  • Detección de movimientos
  • Máscara de privacidad
  • Audio bidireccional
  • Soportar iPhone, iPad, Android & 3GPP
  • 31 idiomas opcionales en interfaz web
  • ONVIF conformant

The GV-IP Speed Dome is a network PTZ camera designed for image quality and adaptability in various environments. This camera offers image of 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 60 fps and 20x optical zoom, capable of showing smooth live view with great detail. In low-light environments, image quality is promised with its image processing tools, such as IR cut filter (ICR), Wide Dynamic Range pro (WDR pro), Backlight Compensation and noise reduction.


Wide surveillance coverage is made possible with 360° endless panning and 90° tilting capacity. Dome movements such as Preset, Sequence, Auto Pan, Cruise and Tour can be programmed and activated by schedule. You can create multiple dome movement modes and have different modes enabled at different time slots. The GV-IP Speed Dome provides variable pan/tilt speeds ranging from a fast patrol of 460° per second to a slow ramble of 0.5° per second with 0.2° pan accuracy for fast and accurate tracking ability. With GeoVision’s optional accessories, the outdoor GV-IP Speed Dome can also be installed on wall corner, ceiling and pole.

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  Wall Pendant Mount              
  Straight Tube Mount   Straight Tube Box Mount   Convex Corner Mount   Convex Corner Box Mount  
  Concave Corner Mount   Pole Mount   Pole Box Mount   In-Ceiling Mount  

Model No. Name Details
GV-Mount100 Straight Tube and Junction Box Kit Dimensions:
GV-Mount101 Straight Tube Kit Dimensions:
GV-Mount203 Wall Pendant Tube and Junction Box Kit Dimensions:
GV-Mount300 Convex Corner Adapter Kit Dimensions:
GV-Mount310 Concave Corner Adapter Kit Dimensions:
GV-Mount400 Pole Mount Bracket Kit
( )
Steel Strap:
GV-Mount410 Pole Mount Bracket Kit
( )
Steel Strap:
GV-Mount702 Extension Tube Four options are available.
GV-Mount908 In-Ceiling Mounting Kit for GV-SD220-S IP Speed Dome

Mounting plate: 227 x 286 mm (8.9" x 11.3")
Weight: 2.05 Kg (4.5 lb)

DC 24V Power Adapter
100-240V AC US

Dimensions (L x W): 132.75 x 58.6 mm (5.23 x 2.3")
Weight: 0.39 kg (0.86 lb)
Input: 100 to 240V AC 2.5A 50-60Hz
Output: 24V DC 3.75A
DC 24V Power Adapter
100-240V AC AU
DC 24V Power Adapter
100-240V AC AR
DC 24V Power Adapter
100-240V AC EU
DC 24V Power Adapter
100-240V AC JU
DC 24V Power Adapter
100-240V AC UK

Video 1
Video 2

  • GV-SD220-S Outdoor IP Speed Dome
  • Pendant Tube
  • Hex Keys x 2
  • M6 Screws x 3
  • Desiccant pack x 4
  • GV-IP Speed Dome Software CD
  • GV-NVR Software DVD